Must Read A-Z Guide


This is a MUST READ guide for all those who will be venturing out to the wildlands this November.

Save it on your phone, distribute it amongst friends, but most of all read it carefully or else you might find yourself in a sticky situation.

Awareness and understanding of the guide is essential.  It also forms part of the terms and conditions of the sale of your ticket to Strawberry Fields.

Firstly, the golden rules: 









ATM Facilities

An ATM is available at the Info Tent. The festival will also be 100% cashless in 2019 - full details on this to be announced soon.

Alcohol & BYO

There is no bar or bottle shop on site at Strawberry Fields - the event is fully BYO, however remember that there is a strict NO GLASS rule. If you bring glass it will be confiscated and not returned. Commercial quantities of alcohol are prohibited - i.e. if it looks like you’re coming to the festival to sell alcohol, you will not be permitted to bring it in.

We also strongly urge you to support the local community and purchase all of your alcohol in the town of Tocumwal - there are multiple pubs and bottleshops in town. You also have the option of taking the daily shuttle bus from the festival to Tocumwal to purchase further supplies.

Banned Items

The following items are 100% strictly prohibited.

If found in the possession of any patron they will be confiscated immediately and the patron may be asked to leave the premises.

·       NO Candles, campfires or fires of any kind

·       NO Commercial signage or advertising

·       NO Dogs or animals of any kind

·       NO Fireworks, flares or pyrotechnic devices

·       NO Gas bottles or hot cooking equipment

·       NO Generators

·       NO Glass

·       NO Doof sticks that may be offensive

·       NO Handheld lasers

·       NO Illegal substances

·       NO Nitrous oxide, or canisters of any kind

·       NO Renegade sound systems

·       NO Selfie sticks 

·       NO Spray Paint

·       NO Weapons of any kind (we don’t actually need to list that do we?)


Remember that when you are in the local township, you are viewed as an ambassador for Strawberry Fields. Please make an effort to uphold the reputation of our event as a friendly, sustainable, and open-minded gathering. Especially, if want to continue enjoying many Strawberry Fields to come.

Any anti‐social behaviour will not be tolerated. Any patron seen to be a threat or a disturbance to themselves or to others, will be removed from the premises immediately or turned over to local authorities.


Birthday Tickets

This has been our policy since the inception of Strawberry Fields, and we are proud to continue this tradition for 2019. Present a valid Driver’s License or Passport at the gate showing that your birthday falls on 28, 29, 30 November or 1 December, and we will let you in 100% for FREE. You’re welcome, and Happy Birthday.

We will NOT extend this offer under any circumstances to those whose birthday fall outside of these dates. No exceptions.



Camping is included in the cost of your Strawberry Fields ticket.

For limited ticket holders of the Early Arrival Passes, camping is available Thursday from 2:00pm. Otherwise Friday, 12:00pm for all others. All patrons must vacate the premises by Monday afternoon.

Don’t feel like lying down for the night and realising you forgot to move a big rock from under the groundsheet? Then you should consider our glamping options!

RVs, caravans, tents and teepees are all welcome. You can camp by your car if needed. 

  • Do not block access to other camping spaces or access roads, and be careful of overhanging branches.

  • Cars that are parked outside the camping markings will be towed!

  • Once you have parked your vehicle – do not leave your engine idle/running. This is the number one cause of grass fires in Australia!

  • Make friends with your neighbours - good friends.

  • Do not be afraid to report camps who are trashing the Environment, being disrespectful, generally anti-social or noisy to the Info Tent.



We are a strictly 18+ event. 


We work hard to minimise the impact on the local community and give back as much as possible. Each year we look to get more and more people from around the local region involved in Strawberry Fields, including local charities, students, business suppliers and traders.

When you’re in the local area make sure to stop at the stop sign, do not speed, or cause any kind of disturbance whatsoever. Please refer back to Behaviour, on how to behave.



Strawberry Fields is located within 15 minutes of the township of Tocumwal, NSW. After crossing the Murray River, turn right at the roundabout to enter town and stock up on any groceries and supplies you may need. There are also some lovely retail stores and cafes and pubs for a meal or coffee.

Head back to the roundabout and continue along Tuppal Road towards the train tracks. STOP at the stop sign before the train tracks or face serious fines. After passing the railway crossing continue along Tuppal Road until you see signage for the festival entrance.

Early Arrival VEHICLE Passes

If you are driving and want to arrive on Thursday (2:00pm or later), you will need an Early Arrival Vehicle Pass. These passes must be pre-purchased online and are priced at $100 - roughly $25 per passenger
Vehicle passes are valid for one vehicle only and include private buses, motorbikes etc. 
The pass includes early entry for your vehicle to the festival, carbon offset of your travel to/from the event via TreeCreds, and a drug & alcohol testing kit to be used prior to your drive home.
There are only 500 of these passes available - they have been introduced to reduce the amount of traffic congestion on Friday, while also giving a slow warm up to the festival for those who have the freedom to arrive on a Thursday and want to snag a great campsite. 
A limited range of activities will be available on Thursday - the market area, swimming beach and Tea Lounge will be open but all other areas will be closed until the main festival programme starts on Friday.

If you do not have an Early Arrival Vehicle Pass you will be able to enter the event from Friday 12pm onwards, and will need to purchase a Standard Vehicle Pass for $30 online or $35 on the gate. These can be pre-purchased online or bought at the gate on arrival. 


For Early Arrival Passes the festival Gates open Thursday at 2:00pm. OR Friday at 12:00pm for all others. No entry will be permitted before these times. 

We advise those wishing to avoid waiting in line to arrive prior to 3pm or after 7pm on Friday.

A valid physical ticket or e-ticket MUST be presented, along with an official ID (driver’s license, Key Pass, Proof of Age, passport, etc.) to gain entry to Strawberry Fields.

Management retains the right at all times to refuse entry.

All vehicles will be searched for Banned items, and stowaways. All glass is strictly prohibited and will be confiscated by gate staff without exception – you will not be given the opportunity to transfer to plastic bottles. If you’re going to smuggle friends in the boot of the car, make sure you put them inside the engine – otherwise they will be discovered, and you and your friends will enjoy the weekend listening to the sound of your favourite artists in the distance while crying softly.


Strawberry Fields is a “LEAVE NO TRACE” event.
It’s not complicated. Here are 3 R’s to help you on your way to doing your bit for the planet.  REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

  • Reduce what you bring to the festival, bring only what you need and then take it home. Take items out of their wrappers before coming, crush down your cans.

  • Reuse your cups, plastic bottles and bring a refillable water bottle.

  • Recycle waste and put it in the correct bins that are coloured coded and labeled accordingly.

Strawberry Fields tries to create awareness and encourage people to take care of the human planet and its communities.


DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT CLEANING YOUR CAMPSITE. We know you’re tired, probably sunburnt, in desperate need of a shower and a good old fashioned post party nose blowing extravaganza – but that’s no excuse!  There are no tent fairies that come along and dispose of all your tents and rubbish. Be the beautiful mature humans that you are and do everything within your power to clean up after yourself before you leave the festival. Every year we spend days cleaning people’s campsites. A lot of this work is done by volunteers from our community. Respect their commitment and take 15 minutes to assess any mess you have left behind – a little bit of your time will save a lot of theirs and will bring you about a thousand smiles in good karma.



To truly understand Strawberry Fields, one must P-A-R-T-I-C-I-P-A-T-E. Participate in the culture of Strawberry Fields by upholding the principle of mutual respect, treating your fellow patrons as friends you haven’t got to know yet, and keeping an open mind. We want you to experience complete freedom but that does not include the freedom to disrespect others in this community or yourself.


First Aid & Welfare

First aid, paramedics and emergency triage services will be available 24 hours a day, pop in for any reason however minor it may seems. If you have a pre-existing condition and you require medication please bring it with you!

Our team of “Fielders” are specially trained representatives of the Strawberry Fields community whose primary mission is to look out for others, i.e. YOU! They can be seen roving around the campgrounds and festival arena and stationed in the Helper Huts, 24 hours a day. If you have any queries or concerns, see or notice something or need a bit of help yourself, please chat to one of our friendly Fielders who are there to ensure you and your friends have a fun and safe time in the Wildlands.

Dancewize are all about your mental welfare. It’s a chill-out space if you are feeling a little confused or freaking out. Don’t freak out, Dancewize are there for you.

There will be a legal support service provided on site in the event.  If you decide (despite all our advice!) to do something stupid, you should know your rights.


Gates to the festival are only open during the following hours:

THURSDAY: 2pm - midnight
FRIDAY: 12pm - midnight
SATURDAY: 10am - midnight
SUNDAY: 10am - midnight

There is strictly NO entry or Pass Outs outside of these times.  These times are non-negotiable, plan your trip carefully to arrive within them or risk being locked out.


Local Tickets

If you are a resident of the Berrigan Shire, show your driver's license confirming your address and you can purchase a half price ticket at the Gates. These tickets are priced at $150. Bring cash dollars (sufficient funds) to cover the cost of your ticket as there are no ATM/EFTPOS facilities available at the gate.



Email to enquire. Please note spaces are limited.


Media & Photography

Email to enquire.

Pass Outs

Please make sure you aware of the opening times of the Gates.

We strongly discourage you to drive your vehicle in and out of Strawberry Fields. This is for the safety of all patrons and to minimise any disturbance to the local Community.

All vehicles will be subject to the same search and ticket check procedures as initially administered on Entry to Strawberry Fields. Anyone suspected to be under the influence while driving a vehicle and attempting to exit the premises will be referred to the authorities.  


Phone Reception & Electricity

In short - don’t count on it! There is no electricity available for patrons at Strawberry Fields and expect to have limited-to-no reception.  Why would you drive hours from a city to experience some mind blowing art and music in the wild just to spend time on your phone? Notify your family and friends that you might be offline for a few days.



We fully support the efforts of the Victorian and New South Wales Police, in ensuring the safety of Strawberry Fields patrons and the broader community in relation to travelling to and from the event. There will be extensive road operations going into, and out of the event, searching vehicles for illicit substances and testing drivers who might be under the influence.

If you try to bring illicit substances into Strawberry Fields, you will be searched and will face the consequences.  If you drink or take illicit substances and drive, you will be tested and will face the consequences.

Don't do something illegal that could both ruin your weekend, and jeopardise the future of Strawberry Fields.

Be smart and responsible on the roads - your life, and your mates lives are in your hands.



  • If you don't want to drive or take the official shuttle bus, you might want to get together with some friends to hire a private charter bus. If you are doing this, make sure you read the below info carefully.

  • DROP OFF - Private buses will be allowed into the festival to drop you at your chosen campsite. The drivers must leave site immediately after dropping you off. Your private bus will still need to purchase a vehicle pass - either an Early Arrival if you want to come on Thursday, or a General if you are arriving on Friday or later.

  • PICK UP - Any private buses arriving to pick up patrons on the Sunday or Monday will be directed to the on site Bus Stop. YOU MUST tell your party and your hire company to meet you for pickup at the designated bus stop (see Site Map to be released in November). Do not expect your driver to pick you up from your campsite - private companies often do not send the same driver for pickup and dropff, and even if it is the same driver they are unlikely to remember where you have camped. Make sure you are at the Bus Stop and ready to meet them at the designated time you have booked. Our staff will not be able to support you for missing your private bus charter.

  • You will still need a vehicle pass - either an early arrival vehicle pass or a general pass. Please see more information on passes below.



Be conscious of your safety, your friends, and others around you. The wildlands are just that –WILD! Think how your actions could effect your festival experience, the experience of your friends and those organising the event.

TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER. If you see someone who may be in danger, either to themselves or others, please notify the medical, security or event staff immediately. Do not do anything that could  put yourself or anyone else in danger, and look after your mates! 

STRICT SPEED LIMIT OF 5KM/H. A speed limit of 5km/h will be enforced on site at all times. Persons found to violate this rule may be fined $100 on the spot or asked to leave the event. 

ABSOLUTELY NO FIRES. That means: no candles, fire toys, camp fires, tiki lanterns, gas lanterns, camp stoves, or other naked flames whatsoever. November is a high‐risk fire season Australia‐wide, and a total fire ban will be enforced on site for the safety of all patrons and the safety of the host property. Any patron found to be in breach of the total fire ban will be issued a citation, or may be ejected from Strawberry Fields.


Set Times

Set times will be released on the website in the week prior to the event. Set Times will also be listed in the program distributed to each vehicle, and on signs throughout the event.


Don't have a car, or want to save some money? The Strawberry Shuttle Bus is good for the Environment and gets you from Melbourne to the wildlands with ultimate safety and minimum hassle!

Departing from Melbourne CBD & Sydney CBD.  Please, arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to allow for your baggage to be loaded and your ticket to be processed. Seating is not allocated and will be available on a first come, first served basis. If you miss the bus, you miss the bus! Refunds will not be available and the bus will not wait for anyone.

Baggage allowance per person - 2 x large suitcases or the equivalent. Pack as light, and practical as you can.

We understand you may need to bring camping gear so to minimise your luggage and general effort we recommend checking out the boutique camping options which will be released later in the year. 



Tickets will go on sale via Eventbrite & this website in June.

Lost, stolen or damaged tickets cannot be replaced so please take care of yours!

All ticket sales are final, and non-refundable. Please refer to the terms and conditions of sale and Tickets FAQ at for extensive information regarding ticketing. 



Email to enquire.


Free drinking water is available from various taps throughout the festival site. Please bring a bottle that is reusable, and help us reduce the consumption of one time use plastic.



The show must go on rain, hail or shine – be prepared for all three. Tarps, sun block, blankets, gum boots, loin cloths, warm clothing, fluffy hats and umbrellas are welcome. There is no such thing as over prepared.


Still need a little help?

We have aimed to include everything you could possibly need to know about Strawberry Fields in the above section. You can reach out to specific departments by using the below email contacts:

Art, Decor, Workshops & Performance /

Bus Transport /

Food & Retail Vendors /

Low Income Ticket Program /

Media & Press /

Ticketing /

Volunteering /

If for some reason you still have a question that has not been answered, please contact us using this form.