This year we’re proud to be the first festival in Australia to introduce a re-washable crockery system across the event.

This initiative will eliminate a large proportion of single use items from the festival and reduce our overall footprint. Wooden cutlery and banana leaves will be making a comeback, but we’ve also sourced reusable rice husk plates and bowls that are created from waste products. When they’ve finally had their day (many festivals down the track) they are completely compostable.


  1. Pay deposit when you buy your food/drink

    When you purchase food or drink at the festival, you will be charged a $4 deposit for your crockery. As the festival is going cashless this year, there’s no need to worry about pesky change or coins, simply tap your wristband and go. Or if you want to be extra green, simply BYO crockery and you won’t have to pay any deposit at all!

  2. Finish deliciousness. Scrape your plate off into the compost bin.

    After you’ve finished, simple scrape any remaining scraps into the compost bins around the market area.

  3. Drop-off to one of the designated return points.

    You can drop-off your used crockery at multiple stations across the festival. These include:

    • Rewash Revolutions HQ (Central Market)

    • Info Tent

    • Beachside Elixir Bar

    • Any Helper Hut (three locations across campgrounds)

  4. Get refund!

    When you return crockery to one of the drop-off stations, you will have your $4 deposit refunded direct onto your wristbands. Simply tap and boom! You just avoided a bunch of single use items going straight to landfill. Good on ya!

Remember not to bin, take home or hoard reusable crockery in your camp, to allow us to continue this system for many more Strawberry’s to come!