Volunteer Applications





Volunteer Applications

The life-force, the backbone, the superstars of the festival. You know how to give to the party and get back twice as much. Good on you – and thank you. Please read on to find out how to get involved this year.

All volunteers will complete 12-14 hours in exchange for their ticket. This will most likely be in the form of 3 x 4-hour shifts.

Applications will be open until August 28, and will be assessed shortly after. Volunteers will be selected according to prior experience, particular skills we are looking for, and genuine enthusiasm about being involved in Strawberry Fields.

The majority of volunteer offers will be made by the end of August, with some later rounds occurring in September and October.

Please read the position outlines below before deciding on which role is right for you. There are three main volunteer programs at Strawberry Fields. You can opt to be considered for one, or all of those roles when you fill out the application form.

Make sure you also read over the Terms and Conditions and FAQs before applying, and be aware that by completing the application form, you acknowledge and agree to comply with our Terms and Conditions and the Volunteer Agreement (which are both also viewable during the application process and in our volunteer portal).


General Volunteer Program

General volunteers will work in departments such as Gate, Traffic or Recycling. Your shift manager will direct you in various tasks that assist our patrons in having a great experience at Strawberry Fields. It is likely that you will get to work in more than one department over your 12 hours.



Strawberry Fields is committed to promoting the safety and happiness of all of its patrons. As such, we are seeking a band of highly-skilled and festival-savvy volunteers whose primary role will be checking in on the welfare of dancers and campers.

They will have the important job of connecting festival-goers to festival staff, DanceWize or medical services stationed on site. This may be through accompanying an individual while they seek help, or simply having a chat to make sure people know what resources are available.

Either stationed at a Helper Hut, or roaming in groups, Strawberry Fielders will be trained in radio protocol and will communicate extensively with their supervisors and other staff to notify them of any incidents and make sure punters feel safe.

Fielders must attend a compulsory DanceWize training session in October/November. 


Wilderness Team Program

Once again, we are partnering with The Wilderness Society to offer a donation for every TWS member that volunteers in restoring our precious Wildlands after the event. 
If you can:

1. Provide evidence of membership or volunteer association with The Wilderness Society.  

2. Stay on site for the Monday and Tuesday after the festival, helping our Waste team to clean the site.

We will donate $250  to TWS’ fundraising campaign. We will provide you with a full festival ticket and lunch and dinner on the Tuesday. In 2017, we were able to donate $4,000 to TWS due to the wonderful work of the Wilderness volunteers.



  • You must be 18+ years of age to volunteer
  • Successful applicants pay a non-refundable $18 for a limited edition t-shirt to wear during your shift. Your credit card details must be given to complete the application form, but you will only be charged if you accept a position with us.

  • All volunteers must sign IN and OUT of every shift at the Volunteer sign in area located at the Info Tent in order to validate their attendance. You will be charged for non-attendance if you do not do this.

  • Refunds will not be given if you have already bought a ticket to Strawberry Fields. Please keep this in mind when accepting your volunteer position. It is your responsibility to transfer your ticket - details on how to do so will be available on the Strawberry Fields website in September.

  • Volunteer credit card payment details will be kept on file – in the event that a volunteer does not complete their scheduled shifts satisfactorily, they will be charged $330 for a final round ticket, plus a penalty fee of $70 to a total charge of $400

  • Examples of unsatisfactory completion include:
    • swapping shifts without confirmation from the volunteer manager
    • not attending your shift
    • not completing the full shift/abandoning a role without discussion with a supervisor
    • being under the influence of alcohol or substances upon arrival or during your shift
    • not following the sign in and out procedure
    • any reports from Managers about unacceptable conduct
    • identity or ticket fraud – ie. Getting someone else to do your shift or letting someone else use your volunteer ticket
  • Once registered, any volunteer that pulls out within 14 days of the event start date (after midnight, 31 October 2018) will be charged a late withdrawal fee of $200.
  • Volunteers must wear enclosed-toe shoes while on shift, and follow all safety instructions given to them by management
  • Volunteers must accept and comply with these Terms and the Strawberry Fields Volunteer Agreement in order to take part in the program.



Do I need to buy a ticket to volunteer?

No. Successful volunteers are sent a complimentary Volunteer Ticket before the event. 

To accept a volunteer position, volunteers must supply their credit card details via their secure online portal. In accordance with the Volunteer Agreement and Terms and Conditions, volunteers who do not satisfactorily complete their assigned shifts agree to being charged a fee of $400.

If you accept a spot and are committed to volunteering, the only cost you will incur is the administration fee and a car pass to enter the event (one per car).


How will I find out if/when I’ve been accepted to volunteer?

You will receive an email from volunteers@strawberry-fields.com.au offering you a position and instructing you how to accept it.
You will also be emailed if you have been placed on our waiting list, and will be notified ASAP if another spot becomes available.


What should I bring to my shift?

Strawberry Fields takes place in the glory of Australian summer – you need to come prepared for extreme weather conditions and look after yourself! We want your experience to be safe and stress-free! Please bring a refillable water bottle, snacks, sunscreen, enclosed-toe shoes, a hat, a scarf or dust mask (festivals can be dusty), and lots of warm/wet weather gear at night time.

This is a camping festival – many hours away from a major city, resourcefulness and self-reliance is key. 

Can I work with my friends?

We will do our best to schedule you with friends if you list someone in your application who is also successful in receiving a position. 
BUT this cannot be guaranteed, and should not be an expectation of volunteering. 

How do I accept my volunteer position?

You must log into your profile in the Strawberry Fields online volunteer portal, read the contract, make sure your credit card details are up-to-date and click ACCEPT in order to accept your position. Make sure you have sufficient funds on your credit card to cover the $18 fee before you attempt to accept your position.
If you don’t do this before the cut off date stated in your offer email, the offer will be given to someone else.

Is the $18 fee refundable if I can no longer volunteer?

No. Once you accept your position and pay for your t-shirt, you are committing to working at Strawberry Fields. The $18 also contributes to the administrative costs of your involvement in the program.

Can I come to the festival early?

Only volunteers with permission from volunteer management can attend the site before gates open. For safety reasons, permission is granted ONLY to volunteers who need to be on site to complete their shifts early in the festival. You will have your approved entry day written on your ticket.


I have early entry as I’m working an early shift and I’m driving with my friends. Can they also enter early too?

Sorry, but ONLY those working at the event are allowed on site before gates are open, for permit and safety reasons. 


My email/phone number/ credit card details have changed. How can I update this? 
Please log into your portal and update your details ASAP to make sure you don’t miss any important info!

If you have any other questions, you can email volunteers@strawberry-fields.com.au