our venue in tocumwal is some of the most beautiful wild river country Australia has to offer. IT IS OF special significance to the Yorta Yorta Nation, forming a sacred part of their territories for thousands of years.

We acknowledge that the sovereignty of the Yorta Yorta peoples was not ceded, and colonial impacts to their people and land continues until this day.

We are beyond privileged to host the event in such a special place along Dhungala (Murray River) — now more than ever it is crucial that together we treat this priceless place with respect. 

What does respecting country mean?

Everything you bring to this event, from the material items to your attitude, play a role in respecting country. Here our our top tips to ensure that you pay due respect to this special place.

  1. Be conscious of the space you are in and what it means - take a minute to look around. From the ancient redgums, to the river, to the native grasses and bushes, this land is a source of medicine, food, and ancient cultural practice for the Yorta Yorta people. Treat it accordingly.

  2. Bring only quality camp gear - canvas swags and tents are durable and will last you for many more festivals to come.

  3. Set-up like a superstar - Have a group game plan for the erection of you gazebo and keep those pegs tapped in over the weekend, you never know when a gust of wind could come through camp unexpectedly.

  4. Bring only what you need - While an inflatable unicorn may sound great, will you take it home and use it again? The best outfit you can bring is a positive attitude and smile.

  5. BYO reusable bottle - Single use plastic bottles are banned from the festival, so bring a reusable bottle and fill up at one of our many water stations throughout the festival site.

  6. No trash touches the ground - Always use the correct bin (they're clearly labelled). Be that legend to call someone out if you see a cigarette butt being flicked to the floor (they can easily go into pockets or bins). Remember that glitter features micro-plastics and NOS canisters are strictly forbidden from the festival.

  7. Use toilets, not trees - the trees on site are of special significance to the traditional owners of this land. They are to be respected, not pee’d on. Use the toilet like an adult.

  8. Take home what you bring - The cities you live in have better reuse and recycle facilities compared to the bush. Nude your food and remove all packaging before coming to the festival, and remember to take home all your trash.