Permaculture Course

Are you feeling a little eco-anxiety, worried about the world but not sure what to do about it? Great thinkers such as Bill Mollison, co-creator of Permaculture and Vandana Shiva, author and activist remind us thatgrowing your own food is a revolutionary act. By altering our behaviour at an individual level, we can make big changes at the collective level.

We are proud to offer a 4 day course of urban permaculture design and theory at Strawberry Fields this year.

Permaculture promotes the development of systems for food production closer to home. This course will be conducted in the 4 days prior to the festival starting, so you can still enjoy the full festival program!



  • Design your space for a functional backyard farm using the twelve principles of permaculture

  • Plant and grow organic food using different gardening techniques

  • Maintain the soil fertility through composting, biological fertilizer and worms

  • Investigate different natural building techniques

The course will be a mixture of theory and practical sharing strategies to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future. This methodology offers a radical approach to food production and urban renewal, water, energy and pollution. It integrates ecology, landscape, organic gardening, architecture and agroforestry in creating a rich and sustainable way of living.



Andre Soares is a permaculture designer, educator and natural builder who has worked in 4 continents. He is the co-founder of Ecocentro IPEC in Brazil, the largest reference centre for sustainable living. The centre has attracted a living and learning community from Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Haiti, USA, Ecuador, Peru, Ethiopia and Australia. Andre is an expert in transforming waste into a rich organic fertilizer that cycles back to the forest! He has designed composting toilet systems for large scale festivals such as Boom Festival, Global Eclipse Gathering, Beloved Festival and Burning Man.


Lucy Legan is a permaculture designer and educator. She has been teaching sustainable education for over 20 years. She has played an integral role in environmental education in Brazil, a best-selling author of educational books on sustainability literacy, public speaker, and long- time ecologist.

Her permaculture garden creations can be found in the USA, Brazil, Portugal and Australia. There is an immeasurable amount fantasy, curiosity, and desire of manifestation embraced and reinforced by each and every garden that she creates.



  • Arrive on site Saturday 23 November in the afternoon to settle in & grab one of the best camp spots on site

  • Course will be conducted over four full days - Sunday 24 - Wednesday 27 November inclusive with world class facilitators

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included on all course days

  • Full festival ticket, early entry and car pass included in course fee

  • Strictly limited to 15 places to ensure high impact learning

  • Total course fee $600 + BF


If you have any further questions about the permaculture course please email