Beyond booking an awesome lineup, building stages and art installations that amaze and excite you, Strawberry Fields and festivals across Australia face a huge challenge: we need to maintain an outstanding environmental track record. Our aim is to actively improve waste management year on year. 

To protect & respect this beautiful land, we will be running a range of environmental initiatives in 2018 - including composting toilets, BYO Bottle, carbon offset vehicle passes, Earth Warrior patrols and more.  But the most important ingredient in making the festivals sustainable is YOU. What you choose to bring to the festival, how you behave, the examples you set for one another, and the energy you invest in creating a low impact festival are 99% of the equation.

With that said, please say hello to our Green Initiatives for 2018.


How can you be a legend of the wildlands?

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We are thrilled to be partnering with Natural Event in 2018 to provide composting toilets throughout the festival. Composting toilet systems take thousands of litres of waste (which would otherwise be transported offsite and treated with nasty chemicals) and turn it into nutrient rich soil for farming!


Treecreds has been working with Strawberry Fields since 2012 to address the large component of our carbon emissions which come from audience travel to and from the festival site. Treecreds was founded in 2008 with a primary motivation of reaching out to a diverse audience about the importance of climate change issues and the inherent role preserving our forests plays in terms of mitigation.  Its founders bring together a unique set of capabilities, networks and passion to facilitate sustainable events such as Strawberry Fields.

We are proud to announce some facts, figures and gratitude for some great results achieved at the 2017 event. After issuing over 2,000 car passes Treecreds was able to purchase carbon offsets through Forests Alive acquiring 321 credits in the Tasmanian Native Forest Protection project. Based on TreeCreds survey of transport volume and methods to and from the event, we estimate over 97% of transport emissions were offset through the car pass program. This is a wonderful achievement and something we are all extremely proud of.  Congratulations and thank you.

For those who choose to travel to Strawberry by car in 2018, there is a car pass of $30 payable on entry. Part of this car pass goes towards the carbon offset scheme run through Treecreds. The car pass is equivalent to 150kg of carbon dioxide emissions, and is intended to offset your car travel to and from the festival - this travel is one of the biggest driver of emissions from the event!  The remainder of the car pass funds go towards a drug & alcohol check for every vehicle, a set times program, and a donation to the Berrigan Shire Community Fund.

As an added initiative, for every patron who uses public transport to travel to the event and can show evidence of their ticket at the gate to TreeCreds staff, we will purchase an added Carbon Offset pass from TreeCreds in support for their green travel karma.

This year we are also promoting the Strawberry Shuttle Bus and other public transport options.

For more info visit the Treecreds website: http://www.treecreds.com/

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Do you think buying a ticket to a festival gives you the right to trash the environment? Think again.

This year, we have equipped a team of Special Ops Earth Warriors with a fleet of hyperdrive mutant vehicles. They will be enforcing a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to waste throughout the campgrounds all weekend. If you act like a little kid and trash the space around you, don't be surprised when they treat you like one and ask you to leave the festival. 


Here's the gist of it - if you brought it to the festival, YOU MUST ALSO TAKE IT HOME.

After many years of trusting in people doing the right thing but still picking up abandoned couches and other furniture after the festival, we have been forced to introduce a $100 deposit for each couch or large furniture item brought to the festival. The $100 deposit will be payable at the gate for each couch or large item you bring. In return you will receive a laminated receipt token - return this token at the gate at the end of the event and show that you are leaving with your couch/furniture and you will receive a full refund. 




What better reward for being clean and green than FREE TICKETS! Our environment warriors will be wandering through the campsites all weekend in their Loot Ute, collecting full rubbish and recycling bags and keeping an eye out for the most pristine campsite of them all to be awarded The Golden Pass! On Sunday, ten lucky patrons who have kept their campsites green and pristine will be rewarded with a free ticket each to Strawberry Fields 2018. 



The cleanup song is back! Joe Oppenheimer & the Waste Invaders will be continuing his sacred work alongside festival environmental management providers in the hopes of spreading the good word and igniting action and mind shifts in our siblings across the Earth.

Throughout the day and at the close of music each night, you will be able to ravish and revel in the glory that is the Clean Up song. A wonderous tale and moment of unity where we all pay our respects to the land which is graciously hosting us by making sure that not a single piece of trash is left at the end of the night and we can all return to a gloriously clean dancefloor in the morning. 



Don’t drop ya butts on the ground, they are toxic to the environment and also a fire hazard, but them out and put them in a BIN YA BUTTS container. In the camp grounds green team will be handing out BIN YA BUTT tins for all punters convenience.



Throughout the site will be basket ball hoop style DUNK YA CANS over recycle bins. A fun way to make sure your recycling goes in the right bin.



Strawberry Fields is proud to have worked with The Wilderness Society since 2014. Each year volunteer members of the society assist with the post event cleanup, and for each volunteer Strawberry Fields donates the cost of a ticket to the Society.



We are ALL responsible for rubbish at Strawberry Fields. Buying a ticket doesn’t mean you are too immature to clean up after yourself. Rubbish bins and skips are distributed throughout the festival site for you to drop your rubbish into – just don’t let it hit the ground!

Practicing a “Leave No Trace” ethic is very simple: leave the place you visit the same or better than you found it; leave no trace of your having been there, so that others – both human and animal – can enjoy the land the rest of the year. Some easy ways to “Leave No Trace”:

  • Plan and prepare ahead – pack rubbish & recycling bags, minimize the amount of packaging you bring

  • Don’t let it hit the ground! Put your rubbish directly into the bins and skips distributed throughout the site.

  • Crush down cans and boxes to make the best use of each rubbish bag filled

  • Consider every other person on the dance floor and at the festival – nobody likes dancing on bits of rubbish!

  • Use greener, more sustainable products such as biodegradable packaging, salvaged wood and materials for your camp structures, energy efficient lighting, and solar energy.