Getting There & Away


This page provides a summary transport options to and from Strawberry Fields.

Please consider your options carefully to prioritise safe and environmentally friendly travel.



The New South Wales and Victorian Police will be conducting extensive road operations going into, and out of the festival, searching vehicles for illicit substances and testing drivers who might be under the influence. These operations are exercised to protect the safety of Strawberry Fields patrons and the broader public.

If you try to bring illicit substances into Strawberry Fields, you will be searched and will face the consequences.  

If you drink or take illicit substances and drive, you will be tested and will face the consequences.

Think very carefully before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle going to or leaving the festival. Don't do something illegal that could both ruin your weekend, and jeopardise the future of Strawberry Fields.

Be smart and responsible on the roads - your life, and your mates lives are in your hands.


For guaranteed environmentally friendly, safe, responsible and CHEAP travel to and from the festival, we present you the Strawberry Shuttle Bus. The Shuttle runs between the Melbourne CBD and the venue, with various departure times on Thursday and Friday, and return options for Sunday and Monday. 

Shuttle bus tickets will be available mid-year. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for the latest announcements.

Why should I take the bus?

  • IT'S CHEAP - tickets are only $25 each way, and you also don't have to buy a car pass to enter the festival (save yourself another $30).
  • IT'S RESPONSIBLE - forget risking your license. A criminal conviction for drink or drug driving can ruin your life. Let someone else drive you home!
  • IT'S GREEN - taking the bus produces 10X less carbon emissions than bringing your own vehicle. Do the right thing for the environment! 
  • IT'S HASSLE FREE - your ticket will be checked in Melbourne and you will be wristbanded prior to getting on the bus. That means no waiting in pesky lines at the gate!
  • YOU GET CAMPING PRIORITY - There is an especially reserved walk-in camping zone dedicated to those taking the bus - so you don't have to worry about walking your gear for miles or trying to find a camping spot.


Public transport is available via VLine from Melbourne to Tocumwal via either Shepparton or Seymour. There will be a courtesy bus running from Tocumwal to the venue for public transport services arriving on Friday and departing on Sunday. Please stay tuned to this page closer to the event for more specific details on the times of these courtesy bus services.

When planning to take public transport, we strongly advise:

  • Double check all scheduled via the PTV website ( before travelling. The below times are an indication only and are subject to change by PTV.
  • Ensure your purchase tickets via PTV in advance. 
  • Be patient with the courtesy shuttle bus! Seats are limited and we have no way of predicting the number of people who will use public transport – the shuttle will run between town and the venue until we have collected all who are waiting


TBA closer to event once PTV schedule is released.


If you absolutely must drive to the festival, the journey is approx 2.5 hours from Melbourne, and 7 hours from Sydney. Detailed directions will be posted closer to the event. 

All private vehicles entering the festival must purchase a vehicle pass. If you want to arrive on Thursday 15 November for an afternoon of wild river swimming and live music before the full festival program starts on Friday, then you will need to purchase an Early Arrival Vehicle Pass. For all other vehicles arriving on Friday 16 November you will only need a General Vehicle Pass. 


Early Arrival Vehicle Passes

  • If you are driving and want to arrive on Thursday 15th November (2:00pm or later), you will need an Early Arrival Vehicle Pass.
  • These passes must be pre-purchased online and are priced at $100 - roughly $25 per passenger
  • The pass includes early entry for your vehicle to the festival, carbon offset of your travel to/from the event via TreeCreds, and a drug & alcohol testing kit to be used prior to your drive home.
  • There are only 500 of these passes available - they have been introduced to reduce the amount of traffic congestion on Friday, while also giving a slow warm up to the festival for those who have the freedom to arrive on a Thursday and want to snag a great campsite. 
  • A limited range of activities will be available on Thursday - the market area, swimming beach and Tea Lounge will be open but all other areas will be closed until the main festival programme starts on Friday 16 November.


General Vehicle Passes

  • If you are driving and want to arrive on Friday 16th November (12:00pm or later), you will need a General Vehicle Pass.
  • These passes can be pre-purchased online or bought when you arrive to the festival gate and are available for $30 - roughly $7 per passenger
  • The pass includes entry for your vehicle to the festival, carbon offset of your travel to/from the event via TreeCreds, and a drug & alcohol testing kit to be used prior to your drive home.