Art & Decor Applications

Art is what sets us apart from so many events - to us, the visual and experiential elements of the festival are as important as the music playing. We’re always looking for new contributions to the Strawberry Fields playground.

Each year we distribute grants under our Arts Program to artists from both Australia and overseas. So if you are an experienced creator, installer or builder and would like to get involved, or have simply dreamed a beautiful dream that you would like to make into reality, please use the application form below. 


  • Please ensure you have all documentation/information ready. Half-completed applications will not be considered.

  • Any images, treatments, or extra information can be emailed to

  • Art installers work independently from the main build crew.

  • Please ensure your team is capable of building and installing your project.

  • If you require the use of heavy machinery on site, please ensure someone in your build crew has the correct certification. 



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