We are delighted to announce the following visual artists will be working their magic in the Wildlands... 


2nanas are an artist duo from Poland and France, whose work ranges from immersive exhibitions to interactive sensory installations. They specialise in mixed-media structures and concepts based on the dichotomy between digital analogue. This year, for Strawberry Fields’ special anniversary, they will build a large-scale immersive installation which will amuse and confuse.


John Fish

John Fish returns to the Wildlands this year with two immersive art installations; Specularity and The Tesseract. This creative studio offers unique visual experiences which playfully bend perceptions of time and space, allowing the audience to become part of the artwork. 

Reminiscent of ancient observatory structures such as Wurdi Youang and Stonhenge, Specularity symbolises cycles in nature like the passing of seasons - mirroring the surrounding landscape with a circular array of reflective pillars.

As day fades into night, John Fish invite you to step inside The Tesseract. The visceral response provoked by this tunnel of light along with the repeated reflections of one's self suggest concepts such as parallel universes, infinity and how we view ourselves within these constructs.



Marc pascal

Marc is primarily interested in the interaction of colour, light and form, and how these elements can interact to enhance our festival experience.

Arcs of coloured light strung high up in trees create a dynamic gentleness to the lush bush space.

New suspended lights are programmed with multiple sequences that will gently throb and pulsate, dripping with wonder, curiosity and delight…

A laser maze with many coloured shards of light piercing the haze all around you will offer a haven of pure colours to bask in.




Muralisto is a co-design public art enterprise.

They envision a vibrant world where colourful cities encourage human connection and shared spaces are shaped by the stories that inspire future generations, celebrate diversity and empower the individual. 

Muralisto creates socially engaged public art through community participation. Their process is inclusive from concept to completion and champions the importance of designing public spaces with diverse communities in mind. Their activities span large scale public art projects, artist development, place-making and strategy, social and multicultural engagement, community co-design and events. All of these are connected by creativity and design.

This year they are collaborating with Pineapple Studios to bring you a unique mural experience at Strawberry Fields.




Solar Sounds is a sustainable partying initiative, driven by the idea to think laterally about how we consume and operate in the environment around us. Solar Sounds have been throwing solar powered parties for the last few years.

For the 10th anniversary of Strawberry Fields, they will be powering a solar powered music studio, complete with instruments made from repurposed materials. Come down and record a song, which will be uploaded for you and your friends to listen to post-festival.




Our experience with Strawberry Fields Festival has resembled the backbone of a lot of our networks; interconnectivity with not only art and culture but diversity of people .

Flowing Spine is a proposal that will allow us to stimulate this interconnectivity between space, time, and human interaction . It is created to to express human flow being in constant motion like a dancing spine.




Our vision at With : in : space is creating sculptural installations that invite people inside the work to interact and play inspiring all ages to connect and grow consciously and collectively. Potentially  energising our relationship to our natural world, each other and ourselves. 

 We feel that art has the power to ignite change and inspire awareness with a strong emphasis on community always at the heart of our practice and passion. We feel art is a wonderful platform to express this. 

We admire the strong intelligence of organic materials, working with the environment and utilising and weaving nature into the artwork from the natural environment.


With returning works by...


Alex Sanson

Alex Sanson (also known as Metaform) has been working as a sculptor and designer for over 20 years, with a focus on interactive, kinetic, lighting and installation art.   He is particularly passionate about large scale outdoor sculpture designed to sit comfortably in the midst of big crowds, with the intention of inspiring moments of tranquillity, contemplation or euphoria.

Larger scale works include Spherophyte and Nebulous installed in Melbourne for White Night 2017, Susurrus installed at Maitreya, Small Revolutions, a rolling ball sculpture with interactive, kinetic and multimedia elements for Federation Square; Material World, a house sized immersive installation, again commissioned by Melbourne Fringe Festival for Federation Square; and kinetic and other large scale installations at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Maitreya, The Outback Eclipse Festival, WOMAD, Earthcore, Tribeadelic, Earthdance International Peace Festival, Ganesha, Stringybark Festival and many other music and arts festivals. 

Alex’s award winning smaller scale pieces have been on show in many galleries including Flinders Lane Gallery, Living Arts Space in Bendigo, Horsham Regional Art Gallery, Lost Ones in Ballarat, Stockroom in Kyneton, Lot19 in Castlemaine and Yering Station in the Yarra Valley.


Dylan Blackstone // Blackstone Builds

Very much a fixture in the Strawberry Fields family, we are excited to welcome back the work of Dylan Blackstone & Blackstone Builds for another year! Specialising in large scale geometric art, stage design and climbing structures, Dylan's work has been exhibited internationally at festivals like Global Eclipse GatheringLightning in a BottleRainbow Serpent Festival to name a few. Dylan will be leaving the redwood canyons of California for the Wildlands to design and build The Grove stage, and we couldn't be happier.


Christian Patton a.k.a General Zod

General Zod from theWestern-suburbs Aero-Space Administration. Bringing affordable same travel to the Western suburbs and beyond. Space travel from stuff you can find in your own back yard. Formerly of Hardkor Slakness corporation. who brought you Mighty Burning Dermon and Burnout

Producing perfectly ordered full scale models ofneo-ancient, fantasy worlds. Zod is passionate about recycling materials, science-fiction, light and colour.




All aboard the Midnight Special. For those of you who got the chance to take the wild ride, buckle up and prepare to be wowed again.

ENESS work at the intersection of art and technology, we combine varying disciplines including lighting, software, interaction design, product design, sculpture and architecture. The outcomes are often unique and unexpected. Founded in 1997 ENESS has pioneered the art of 3D projection mapping and interactive real-time motion tracking in theatre and extreme sporting events. Our work has been exhibited worldwide in museums of modern art, to the streets of Mumbai.


Robin Mutoid

"A mutoid is like a mongoloid, a schizoid, a paranoid. And our method of life is living in a constant state of evolution"

Inspired by the graphics and the aesthetics of 2000 AD comics, the Mutoids have defended since the 80's the ethics of their underground arts collective.
Created in West London in 1984 by Joe Rush, a punk artist and Robin 'Mutoid' Cooke, a hippy mechanic, the Mutoids salvage the waste of the consumers society and use it as raw material for their giant mutant machines and spectacular sculptures which are staged in rock n'roll apocalyptic environments created in squats, warehouses, wastelands and mythical festivals around the world.


Vroomfondle & Magic Thighs

A furniture designer and architecture graduate bring their skills together to reimagine classic geometric structures. Their simple yet striking creations make eyes salivate & beg to be played with.

See more of their magic: @mandrakeworkshop

Mural Artists



Gina Kiel is an illustrator based in Wellington, New Zealand. She creates feminine yet strong images that exude sensuality and explore the human experience through ideas of life, death, spirituality and pop culture using flowing lines and forms and bold, minimal compositions with a psychedelic palette.

With a childhood full of music, nature, Disney movies and hours of drawing, Gina became an illustrator after working at a boutique animation company, drawing frame-by-frame at a light box, where she discovered her love for drawing body parts.

Gina can be found exhibiting at group shows around the world, creating at her home studio for clients locally and internationally, tattooing, painting murals and working alongside Inject Design to create some of New Zealand's most iconic design work.



ju mu monster

Having grown up in Hannover, with Peruvian & Chilean roots, a completed program of study as a fashion designer, JuMu today lives and works in Cologne as a freelance artist. Shaman cult and the connection between the human being, the spirit world and nature are fixed elements of her work and serve as inspiration for her Murals,masks and canvasses. She uses anything she can get her hands on for her work, and in this way creates a new, surreal world.





Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith, born January 13, 1991, is an American painter muralist and illustrator. Her figurative works  investigate personal identity, with an emphasis on  multi-dimensional representations of women and people of color.  She uses gestural brushstrokes and palette knife woven with figurative and organic imagery to induce a non-linear interaction with the viewers subconscious. 

Rachel’s work is shaped by her African-American and Jewish heritages. She has been hosted as a performance painter at events in the US and Costa Rica, and her murals are displayed in streets and galleries throughout New York, California, and Oregon. Wolfe currently works and lives in Oakland, California.



tigre bailando

Tigre Bailando is an Oakland-based artist whose work focuses on personal and collective liberation – a kind of freedom achieved through the discovery and empowerment of our deeper selves. 

Working across a wide range of mediums and disciplines, Tigre creates large-scale installations, sculptures, murals, and performance works at festivals and cultural gatherings across the country and around the world. Clients include Lightning in a Bottle, Electric ForestEnvision FestivalRainbow Serpent, and Wonderfruit, among others. 

The figures and beings that populate this work are ancestral entities, ghosts of Tigre’s own multi-ethnic heritage but also the collective ancestors of all of us, before there was race, nation, species, gender. They embody the way in which we are all connected, even though we love to forget it. Exploring the rhythms of life and death; discovering healing through introspection, dialogue, and play; finding hope by exploring the darkness; these are the lessons Tigre's work seeks to share.