Tickets FAQ

Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding ticketing. Please ensure you read through all of the below information, to see if this resolves your issue.

If the answer you seek is not found below, you can contact the Ticketing Team via - please note that this team works Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm AEST and will endeavour to provide a response within 48 hours. Please be patient awaiting a reply. 



The first release of tickets will go on sale on Tuesday May 2nd at 9:00am sharp.



No. The event has sold out well in advance every year, so we advise to prepare and get your ticket as early as possible. The only exception to this is for Local Tickets (see below for more information).


I paid for a ticket but haven't received any confirmation - what do I do?

You may not have entered the correct email address when purchasing your ticket. Please email the Ticketing Team via with proof of purchase so that they can re-issue your ticket to the correct email address. 



Low income tickets are granted by application only. Please visit the Low Income Ticket Application page to learn more.


Is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy?

Yes. First and second release tickets are limited to 4 per person - this is to ensure the fairest access to these earlier releases of lower priced tickets. For final release tickets the limit is 10 per person.  


What's included in my ticket?

Your ticket provides access to the festival from Friday 17 November at 12:00pm, including camping on site. The festival program finishes on Sunday 19 November in the evening and all vehicles must vacate the site by Monday 20 November.

If you wish to arrive to the festival on Thursday 16 November and access the best camping spots along with some light entertainment in the Tea Lounge, then you will need to purchase an Early Arrival Vehicle Pass on top of your festival ticket. These passes are valid for one vehicle of any description - however all passengers will also need to hold individual entry tickets to the event. 


Do I need to buy a car pass?

Yes. All vehicles entering Strawberry Fields in 2017 must purchase a car pass. For those of you who wish to arrive to the festival on Thursday 16 November and access the best camping spots along with some light entertainment in the Tea Lounge, then you will need to purchase an Early Arrival Vehicle Pass on top of your festival ticket. There are only 500 of the Early Arrival Vehicle Passes available and they can be purchased online via Eventbrite.

If you are arriving to the festival after general admission commences on Friday 17 November at12:00pm, you will need to purchase a General Car Pass. The fee for the General Car Pass is $25 and it is charged at the gate when you arrive to the event - i.e. there is no need to pre purchase this pass. The General Car Pass covers (i) 100% carbon offset of your travel to/from the festival via TreeCreds, (ii) a drug test for each vehicle, (iii) an alcohol test for each vehicle.  


Do you sell day passes?

No. All tickets are for the full weekend only. Unfortunately under our permit we are unable to sell single day passes to the festival as this would make it too difficult to comply with the attendance caps for the venue.



Yes! We have offered free tickets for birthday ladies and gents since the very first Strawberry Fields and we are proud to be continuing this tradition nearly a decade on. All you need to do is arrive to the gate and show a valid drivers licence, passport or KeyPass card to show that your birthday is on 16, 17, 18 or 19 November and you will be allowed into the event for F-R-E-E! Please note - if you want to enter the festival on Thursday 16th November, you will still need to purchase an Early Arrival Car Pass for your vehicle.

If you birthday is not on any of the dates listed above please do not bother contacting us asking to make an exception. We give out hundreds of birthday tickets each year and unfortunately no exceptions can be made to this offer.


What about tickets for local residents? 

We are pleased to continue to offer half price tickets to local residents. These tickets are $150 and available to any local residents over the age of 18 who can show a valid driver's license / KeyPass with a postcode in the Berrigan Shire. If you are eligible for a local ticket, all you need to do is rock up to the gate and show your ID to purchase your ticket on the day - please note EFTPOS facilities are unavailable so payments can only be made in cash. 


Does my name have to be on my ticket?

Yes. The correct name should be on your ticket - this is a security measure we put in place to avoid ticket fraud.


Can I change the name on my ticket?

Yes. If you can no longer attend the event, then you can transfer your ticket once, and once only. See the full instructions for transferring your ticket here. Please note, selling a ticket for more than its face value is a breach of the terms and conditions of sale and if we become aware that a person is doing this on any social media platform, eBay or gumtree, we will refer your details to the police.


My friend's ticket looks different to mine. Is that okay?

Yes. Online tickets and promoter physical tickets do not look the same. If you are in doubt about the validity of your ticket, you can contact our team at to check.


I lost my ticket, how do I replace it? 

If you purchased a hard copy ticket from a promoter, please note that these tickets should be treated as cash and cannot be replaced.  If you purchased your ticket online, the ticket should be stored permanently in your Eventbrite account / email - however if you cannot find it there please email our team at to check. 



No. Per the terms and conditions of sale of our tickets we do not offer refunds for change of mind or circumstances - please see the procedures listed above for transferring your ticket to another person.



A limited run of physical tickets will be available from select distributors in Melbourne later in the year.