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We have been blessed with the title of Australia's #1 must attend festival from Pulse Radio, as well as ranking in Resident Advisor's Top Ten festivals in the world for November for the last four years running. But if you're not interested in statistics, and if you've never been to the wildlands before, then here's a sample of what various reputable sources have to say about us...



"Even with a 6500-strong crowd, the weekend felt uncrowded and spacious. Everyone was here for the same reason: to let loose and dance to fantastic music. One guy donned a banana suit, a group of friends dressed as old ladies, others wore barely anything at all. The vibe was open and accepting, which is largely what made the festival such a special experience. 

Powered by loud and crisp Funktion-One speakers, few performances disappointed."



"The three day festival, has its finger firmly on the pulse and is leading its way through the boutique festival world with a diverse and perfectly curated line up, interactive approach to art and carefully refined culture centred around embracing the wild Australian Bush..."



"Strawberry Fields was made great by a local lineup that collectively shone through and highlighted the talent of a burgeoning Australian electronic music scene. Special mention must be made of the lengths that the festival team went to so as to ensure that the site was safe, innovative and as enjoyable when the music was off as when it was on. We’re already keen for next year."



"While each year of the festival seems to better than the last, 2016 truly exceeded expectations. For many Strawberry punters it was the best weekend of our lives but for many of the artists, the events that occurred during their sets became the most unforgettable moments of their careers yet."