Food & Drink

If you're anything like us, one of your favourite things about visiting the wildlands is exploring the vast range of delicious food, drink and expertly handcrafted goods for sale in the Wildlands Bazaar. So it is with pleasure we reveal the line-up of vendors for this year - we are sure that regardless of your tastes or dietary requirements, you will find much to be excited about!




Alley Tunes Records is really looking forward to join you all at SF 2017!! We are going to deliver some good vibes, delicious coffee and beats to keep our punters travelling in the right direction to celebrate life, wildlife, friendship, mother nature, art, music and more. We are a record store but we also do coffee. It’s our passion. Alley Tunes in the bush is a pure delight. We make you feel like you never left the city when it comes to your cup of coffee. We keep it real friendly and professional. 

See you the Market and on the dance floor lovely people. 



A healthy hub that brings freshly prepared nutritious earth foods and drinks to your environment, in tasty ways. Our goal is to offer everyone healthier food choices that are packed with YUMMINESS. Acai is our main source of goodness we offer and gives the body all the LOVE IT NEEDS. Acai is a berry from the depths of the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, it is full powerful antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. It’s 100% organic, it increases energy and stamina and gives you overall felling of WELLNESS. 
You can enjoy Acai in various ways, Acai sorbet bowl with granola and banana, sprinkled with Chai seeds, from Peru, Chia seeds are a high source of protein. Smoothies is another way to enjoy Acai, with banana and mango.All our super smoothies are mixed with cacao chocolate from Latin America, spirulina, cinnamon, spinach and sunflower seeds, creating the most amazing flavour filled healthy smoothie,  green smoothies bring essential vital greens that the BODY LOVES. 

We serve fresh juices watermelon, lemon and mint, and apple, pineapple and lime. Yogurt bowls come with fresh fruit, muesli, local honey and Chai seeds. AYA creates homemade Hummus, basil pesto and sundried pesto for our crepes and wraps filled with fresh spinach, salad, olives, feta, cheese and free range eggs. A tantalizing YUMMY SMORGARSBOARD for health options made with LOVE!




Wandering the land Barefoot Vibe. Sharing how deliciously simple living healthily can be. Sharing all things plant based (vegan) - Smoothies, Smoothie bowls, Juices, Raw treats, Soups + sometimes the odd chip and dip. Come and play with us.



Billy van Creamy has been roll'n and cream'n since late 2014. Serving the most delicious natural gelato this side of the galaxy, it tastes real good in your mouth. The fact that it's made with organic ingredients is a bonus. Be sure to stay cool at the festival with a scoop or two.



Started by Yarra Valley chef Dave Walsh to celebrate his love of food and fun, Digging for Fire is a new approach to mobile catering. Dave is an internationally experienced chef whose passion is fresh, ethically sourced produce and modern street food. He has travelled the world finding inspiration on beaches in Sri Lanka, on the streets of Italy and in the villages of Pakistan. Digging for Fire guarantees you a tasty and unique experience.



El Chivi is the first of its kind in Melbourne bringing you the Chivito! The national sandwich of Uruguay, bursting with flavour by the mouthful.

The Chivito (whose name translates to "little goat") is a serious steak sandwich. This is not a normal sandwich, this is an experience and a trip to the streets of Uruguay, you will instantly be taken on a journey to the South American country and see why it is so important to this culture as you bite through each layer that makes up this incredible flavorsome sandwich! Using locally sourced produce and tenderised scotch fillet steak, El Chivi uses real ingredients that you can see with every mouthful. 

To go with our sandwiches we have also put a lot of effort into our van which prides itself on being unique and inspired by the rustic houses of Colonia, Uruguay. A personal favourite and recommendation would have to be the El Suarez - tenderised scotch fillet steak, bacon, ham, cheese, egg, dill pickles, Jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, whole egg mayo & El Chivi hot sauce. 



The Gourmet Goons are on a culinary expedition, discovering and using native ingredients found travelling around Australia. Our food is our creative expression of love for this country. We offer all natural, healthy delicious food with a native twist, catering for gluten free, dairy free and vegans, as well as all good food lovers. Try our newest vegan creation Coconut 'Calamari'. Serving with style, a smile and damn fine moustaches.



Gyoza Records was born during the great plate and bowl shortage that hit Japan in 1994. Improvising, people took to eating their gyoza from old records left behind by American soldiers. Today, with the blessings of Gyoza King, Yoshitaka Yamamoto, and the skills of Gyoza Master, Tomohisa Hiraoka, Gyoza Records marches boldly forward in the quest for Gyoza Perfection. 



The food is enjoyed by vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians alike due to the quality and method of preparation, and the variety and richness of our menu. Our philosophy is that plant-based foods with the right preparation and spices can provide an enriching eating experience. 

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We are two local youth members from the area where this festival is held who believe in using as much local produce as we can source to give you a proper taste of our area! We are also donating a proportion of our profits to the local East Timor Immersion Program which provides youth in the area with an opportunity to travel internationally and grow their minds and dreams.
We believe in offering a menu that is of high quality, simple and cheap. Our menu offerings are: Bags of Ice, Toasted Sandwiches- Cheese and Cheese and Ham option, Watermelon Slices, Lollipops and Bubble-Gum, Iced Tea, Icey Poles.
We can't wait to see all you legends this year at Strawberry Fields!




At a festival far far away Owens was born from the wacky idea that great fresh food should be available absolutely everywhere, even at events where chips or burgers were the norm. From humble beginnings the owners worked to create 7 super tasty sauces inspired from there travels to South East Asia and beyond. What better to add to NOODLES and fresh veg...Exactly just what we thought too!

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Pizza Wagon is made up of an Australian boy and an English girl in a French van who learnt to make pizza in Italy and now live in Melbourne. We seek the best local, seasonal ingredients to make authentic Italian style pizza in a traditional wood fired oven all out of our beautiful Citroen H Van. We like to pay attention to each individual ingredient, as we believe each ingredient should have a staring role on your pizza.

We source quality ingredients and love spending time finding yummy combinations to make up our ever-changing menu. We personally make all our dough from scratch. We are passionate about food and love sharing our pizzas with you, our valued customers.

We love to create a friendly, happy, professional and warm atmosphere for all to enjoy.

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Come in, sit down. Welcome to the PsyBus.  We’ve got the laughs. We’ve got the coffee. The comfort, the shade, the good vibes.  We’ve got the best breakfast, the yummy treats.  We’ve got chai, we’ve got conversation, life saving lentil soup… We’ve got dancing and chilling.  We’ve got happy faces and lots of them, and we’ve got 11 years experience at doing this festival thing…….

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The coconut, an image that evokes a sensation of a long lost memory… Somewhere where life is easy and the days just blend into one. Good friends, great music and perfect weather and a REAL COCONUT shared between friends as the sun slowly sets on another glorious day.

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Decadent healthy fast food served from our solar powered truck! Indulge in our signature mushroom burgers along with ultra thick hot chocolate ( The Miraculous Drinking
Chocolate Bar) and our hand made lemonade ( The Marvellous & Heroic Lemonade Compressory).

Inspired after a fast food binge in America. We missed the decadent food and explosive flavours but nothing else. So I decided to make a burger which was oozy and gooey and decadent in the best fast food tradition. After many months of experimentation (I am incredibly pedantic about food) our 'Ultra Mexican Mushroom' burger was born.

Friends started making excuses to come over so they could have a burger and someone suggested we do a festival. People went crazy for our burgers! The food truck was a natural extension of that and 'The Little Mushroom Co.' was born.



Tish Faco embody the spirit of the classic fish/haircut - The Mullet. It's business at the front with their neat shirts and classy bow ties and party at the back as they rock outrageously sexy and colorful tights. Over the last two years they have spread the Fish Taco across Australia, invented the Kangaroo Taco and perfected the Vegan ‘Calamari’ fried mushroom taco. Their menu is fresh, creative and totally gluten free!

Tacos are probably the funnest food, Tish Faco is probably the funniest  kitchen, business up top, party down below ;)

Check it out, you’ll understand.




'Toasted Toasties' are a nomadic food store, popping up right where you need us. We are glorifying the humble Toastie, using only the finest ingredients, handled with love and dedication to create climax-inducing masterpieces. The team at 'Toasted' have an uncompromising approach to providing the highest quality food delivered alongside great vibes.
Perfectly pairing with a gooey, crispy bite of awesomeness, make sure to nourish your soul and warm your boots with our super tasty SOUPS, beer battered chip and POUTINE!!!!



Vegilicious provides wholesome, organic, affordable vegetarian soul food, priding ourselves in serving super fresh food that is all homemade from scratch. All our produce is ethically sourced, considering locality, seasonality and environmental impact regarding packaging and waste.

Vegilicious aims to raise awareness about eating for health, sustainability and care for the planet and its inhabitants, by providing alternate choices in food & encouraging arts to raise social consciousness, acting as agents of change that touch the broader community.



Our names Shimshon & Keren Amrani. For the last 12 years we are doing markets& festivals around north coast area and Distributing our product around. The product has become very popular and we have got amazing response from our clientele. 3 year ago we opened Yaman restaurant in Mullumbimby.