Crafts & Retail

If you're anything like us, one of your favourite things about visiting the wildlands is exploring the vast range of delicious food, drink and expertly handcrafted goods for sale in the Wildlands Bazaar. So it is with pleasure we reveal the line-up of vendors for this year - we are sure that regardless of your personal style, you will find much to be excited about!



24:7 Sunglasses is introducing a new shipment of very cool styles especially for Strawberry Fields - from London, New York, and L.A.



The L.E.D light IGLOO that is our stall creates a unique experience for the punters during the day and a beautiful light show of many colours at night for the festival.

Our system of phone charging provides pocket size portable (cordless) power banks to the punters.  This means that the punters will be able to keep their phones with them at all times, they will be able to continuously take photos/videos of the festival and friends for lifelong memories, and they will be able to stay connected on their social media to share their experiences in real time, which we believe will be really
good advertising for the festival. Have your mobile phones forever charged with Be charged!



Bobs Buckets - Hand Painted Tie Dye and Festival Wear! All our high quality Tie Dyes are hand painted by Bob using all natural, UV activated and super colourfast paint made locally in Byron Bay. Our Festival Wear is a unique curation of everything you could need at a festival from sunglasses to kimono's, bumbags, holographic clothing and more, with a focus on supply from local brands!



Creatrix Bodyart are a team of passionate airbrush body-artists from Byron Bay who will bring with them their unique, cutting edge and transcendental art creations festive colour and sparkle magic to Strawberry Fields.
The Creatrix stall evokes a world of child like wonder. It is a haven of colour and glitter, an inspiring art-gallery and a comfy chill-out space. In our sanctuary our guests are enticed and encouraged to be themselves and become transformed. Our painters tap into the unique layers of each individuals essence, illuminating the hidden layers of a tribal warrior, an Avatar creature or otherworldly galactic being. Our Creatrix Team embellishes and beautifies, encouraging a celebration and embrace of ones unique and divine canvas. By unleashing dreams and fantasies of playful, uninhibited self expression it is our absolute pleasure to witness their journey towards transformation and self empowerment. 


Ethnic Spirit Clothing works personally with small businesses around the globe.  Our focus is originality and high quality products made to last.
We have a stylish range of unique clothing perfect for festivals, creative jewellery, wooden instruments for children and handicrafts from around the world. To treat your feet we have cowboy and desert boots made from antique embroidered cloth with recycled car tyre soles. 
The best dance party shoes ever!!


FROTHLYF is bringing their skitz Festival Experience back to Strawbs this time with a full live music program! Shop the full range of Psychedelic Eyewear, Neon Rave Vintage, Disco Shit, Froth Friends Concessions + more amongst our roster of euphoric DJs & live electronic artists. Expect an array of mad dog shenanigans to accompany the party.. be sure to swing by the store to suss the vibe! 


Henna is my passion and I love what I do . I have over 7 years of experience and I am confident to provide exceptional henna experience. 


Festival lovers and dancefloor gypsies, let your light shine in our bohemian range of RECYCLED Saree Silk sustainable and conscious threads - all unique in pattern and colour ready to swish and sway with you in the sunshine and moonlight. Designed by KAMALA here in Melbourne and made under fair trade practices by our team/ our family in Nepal.


At the kyoti Stall you can find mystical jewellery for the modern day babes. Its for the bold, the spirited and the experimental, providing statement items to express yourself, from the inside out. Each piece with a story to tell, often drawing on historical symbols, mythology and the earths treasure. Keep your eyes peeled as we will have a special festival edit just for Strawberry!



At the kyoti Stall you can find mystical jewellery for the modern day babes. Its for the bold, the spirited and the experimental, providing statement items to express yourself, from the inside out. Each piece with a story to tell, often drawing on historical symbols, mythology and the earths treasure. Keep your eyes peeled as we will have a special festival edit just for Strawberry!



Moonstone Designs specialises in natural clothing, leather crafts and handmade tribal jewellery made by us here in Sydney as well as pieces ethically sourced from handicraft artisans we have met in our travels. Our vision is to source ethical and conscious pieces by connecting with the individual artisans at the very roots.


Reflecting the miracle of nature through wearable art. Handmade jewellery and accessories made from recycled materials, cruelty free feathers, natural gemstones, bone, wood, macrame, leather, metal, clay and whatever other natural sourced materials I can get my hands on.
Each piece is one-of-a-kind, unique and made with a whole lot of love!


A Short Description - We scour the world for the unique, the innovative and the things that are just FUN!  Specialising in festival and event products to help you be the brightest and shiniest happy face at the festival.  At The Outdoor Fun Shop you'll find just what you're looking for.


PERIWINKLE is a festival boutique. Our unique tribal clothing, macramé jewellery and accessories are made with respect for Mother Earth and her children.


Penny Drop // In a world where Barbie went bad and rave was all there was, Penny Drop’s love for colour may never surpass. Locked in the fantastical love chamber of a tactile fiend, the lines are blurred lines between the terrific and terrifying. 

Fruitstoop // is a small independent jewellery design company, specialising in polymer clay jewellery. All of the pieces are hand crafted in my Melbourne studio. Individuality is Fruitstoops ethos, so with this in mind all of these pieces are bright, bold and one of a kind. 



Rainbow mama is a colourful and friendly stall! We specialise in dreadlocks, hair wrapping, feathers hair extensions and friendship bracelets. 
I make Clay, silver and bronze dreadlocks beads myself, inspired by Argentinian home and the ancient Inca deities we once worshipped. I am a dreadlock maintenance specialist and my full services are available on site. I have a “chill out space” where customers can feel safe and rest up from the dancing. I often run free dream catchers workshops. Hope to meet you there!

From now on, señor Chilli will come with me to all the festivals. Prepare to entice your palate worth amazing hand crafted Chilli sauces.



The shiatsu stall is a held and calm space amidst the thrum of festival life. We offer 15, 30 or 60 minute shiatsu bodywork sessions, either in a seated position or lying on a futon on the ground. Various styles of shiatsu may be applied within a treatment, calling on Zen, Classical and Barefoot traditions. As a result, thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, feet and knees can be used in a rhythmic manner in applying pressure to various parts of the recipient’s body, and stretches are also commonly included. Where most other forms of massage tend to focus solely on the back, shiatsu treatments are holistic, meaning that all areas of the body may be worked during a session.


That New Label creates bright dazzling outfits ready to turn heads wherever worn. Featuring a mix of bright unique prints, holographic sparkles and bright fluffy furs, there is something in the store for everybody. Each piece is designed and made by Ashley in her Melbourne studio with the best fabric sourced from around the world.


We sell unisex clothing, accessories and handmade jewellery. Our products are picked from small, family owned cottage industries in Nepal. They are made from sustainable fibres, are eco friendly, and support fair trade practices.