Bus Tickets


For guaranteed environmentally friendly, safe, responsible and CHEAP travel to and from the festival, we present you the Strawberry Shuttle Bus.

The Shuttle runs from both the Melbourne & Sydney CBD to the venue, with various departure times available all weekend.

Why should I take the bus??

IT'S CHEAP - tickets are as low as $25 one way, and you also don't have to buy a car pass to enter the festival (save yourself another $25).
IT'S RESPONSIBLE - forget risking your license. A criminal conviction for drink or drug driving can ruin your life. Let someone else drive you home!
IT'S GREEN - taking the bus produces 10X less carbon emissions than bringing your own vehicle. Do the right thing for the environment!
IT'S HASSLE FREE - your ticket will be checked in Melbourne and you will be wristbanded in your home city prior to getting on the bus. That means no waiting in pesky lines at the gate and straight through to your campsite!