The Art & Performance

The visual and immersive elements of Strawberry Fields are valued as highly as the music. Each year we invite a selection of the world's foremost visual artists and performers to dream up environments for you to explore. 

The Art & Performance program encompasses four key elements - stage decor, installations, workshops & healing, and performance art. 



Our team aims to continually push the boundaries of what can be achieved with stage environments in the Australian bush. Our previous exploits include towering bamboo arenas, multi storey band temples, a mid century saloon pub, an oriental tea lounge and a giant roving metallic insect.  


There is plenty to discover outside of the stage arenas. Open a magical door to a mirrored world, skate Australia's first bush half pipe, lounge underneath a singing jellyfish, or simply watch the world go by in a hammock suspended in a misting garden - these are the adventures we have planned for you.

SF 2016 DUNCOGRAPHIC-103.jpg


Indulge your yoga cravings, get deep in Zen Shiatsu, try your hand at screen printing your own t-shirt, explore the arts of Life Drawing and Sound Healing, or just kick back at the Day Spa and learn how to "Party with Purpose" - there is plenty to explore in the festival Village.

SF 2016 DUNCOGRAPHIC-221.jpg


Aerialists, actors, dancing troupes, marching bands, stilt walkers, comedians, fire spinners and other roving performers which defy categorisation - all of these will appear at random throughout the weekend, and when you least expect it.