We are delighted to announce the following visual artists will be working their magic in the Wildlands... 

Amanda Parer

Australian artist Amanda Parer’s edgy and ephemeral artworks explore the natural world, its fragility and our role within it. With startlingly beautiful creatures enlarged and frozen within their chosen habitats. When viewing one of these iconic, mostly feral animals inhabiting a beautifully haunting landscape, the environmental message is enhanced by the artist’s finely crafted technique in any of her chosen mediums such as public installation, painting or sculpture. Parer is an artist originally from Sydney but now resides in Tasmania where her work has been acquired by both public and private collections. Her work has been displayed in major international public art museums such as the North Carolina Museum of Art and the Memphis Museum of Art. Amanda has also attracted major art commissions such as from Starfield Hanam, Seoul Korea and Brookfield International where her works embarked on a major US tour of their keystone properties in New York, Houston, Denver, and Los Angeles during 2016.

Amanda’s major public art installation Intrude was a prominent work in the 2014 Vivid Festival in Sydney and since that time the artwork and its different manifestations, Intrude smXL, XXL, and Nibbles have so far been exhibited in over 40 cities on four continents around the world and continues to capture major media attention where ever it goes.

Amanda’s newest art installation, Fantastic Planet , initially commissioned by four festivals, the MMVAF in Australia, Signal in the Czech Republic. Glow in the Netherlands and en Lumieres in Canada in 2016, is already capturing international attention for 2017.

Amanda works with a team of international engineers, lighting, computer and production technicians from her Northern Tasmanian studios to develop her artworks.



Amigo and Amigo

Amigo and Amigo are storytellers and interactive light artists based in Sydney, Australia. Co-founded by Simone Chua and Renzo B. Larriviere, their responsive large scale works are always built with the audience in mind, encouraging new perspectives and experiences to gain greater understanding.

Their works have been exhibited internationally in New Zealand, Colombia and Singapore and have also featured in VIVID Sydney for over 4 consecutive years. They have graciously shaped the interactive-tech art sector in Australia to one of international excellence.

Their works playfully employ light and technology to capture the imaginations of their audience - their engagement - essential for authentic reflection, listening and transformation to occur.



Alex Sanson

Alex Sanson (also known as Metaform) has been working as a sculptor and designer for over 20 years, with a focus on interactive, kinetic, lighting and installation art.   He is particularly passionate about large scale outdoor sculpture designed to sit comfortably in the midst of big crowds, with the intention of inspiring moments of tranquillity, contemplation or euphoria.

Larger scale works include Spherophyte and Nebulous installed in Melbourne for White Night 2017, Susurrus installed at Maitreya, Small Revolutions, a rolling ball sculpture with interactive, kinetic and multimedia elements for Federation Square; Material World, a house sized immersive installation, again commissioned by Melbourne Fringe Festival for Federation Square; and kinetic and other large scale installations at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Maitreya, The Outback Eclipse Festival, WOMAD, Earthcore, Tribeadelic, Earthdance International Peace Festival, Ganesha, Stringybark Festival and many other music and arts festivals. 

Alex’s award winning smaller scale pieces have been on show in many galleries including Flinders Lane Gallery, Living Arts Space in Bendigo, Horsham Regional Art Gallery, Lost Ones in Ballarat, Stockroom in Kyneton, Lot19 in Castlemaine and Yering Station in the Yarra Valley.



Dylan Blackstone // Blackstone Builds

Very much a fixture in the Strawberry Fields family, we are excited to welcome back the work of Dylan Blackstone & Blackstone Builds for another year! Specialising in large scale geometric art, stage design and climbing structures, Dylan's work has been exhibited internationally at festivals like Global Eclipse GatheringLightning in a BottleRainbow Serpent Festival to name a few. Dylan will be leaving the redwood canyons of California for the Wildlands to design and build The Grove stage, and we couldn't be happier.



Christian Patton a.k.a General Zod

General Zod from theWestern-suburbs Aero-Space Administration. Bringing affordable same travel to the Western suburbs and beyond. Space travel from stuff you can find in your own back yard. Formerly of Hardkor Slakness corporation. who brought you Mighty Burning Dermon and Burnout

Producing perfectly ordered full scale models ofneo-ancient, fantasy worlds. Zod is passionate about recycling materials, science-fiction, light and colour.


Earthen Spaces

"Nature is the ever-changing platform where I can express my passion for creation and connection to land."

Ewan Harding, the brains behind Earthen Spaces focuses on the integration of culture, community and appreciation of the natural environment. Creating spaces has always been the way he connects with people, himself and this country.

Since the inception of Earthen Spaces, Ewan has travelled the eastern coast of Australia building for music & arts festivals. Strawberry Fields Festival has become a home away from home for me and the opportunity it provides, to create and collaborate on the mighty Murray is a great privilege.



2017 sees the return of the Midnight Special. For those of you who got the chance to take the wild ride, buckle up and prepare to be wowed again.

ENESS work at the intersection of art and technology, we combine varying disciplines including lighting, software, interaction design, product design, sculpture and architecture. The outcomes are often unique and unexpected. Founded in 1997 ENESS has pioneered the art of 3D projection mapping and interactive real-time motion tracking in theatre and extreme sporting events. Our work has been exhibited worldwide in museums of modern art, to the streets of Mumbai.


Eugene Brockmuller

Taking over aural duties on the Midnight Special is the one and only Eugene Brockmuller (Steeplejack). 

Eugene is an electro-acoustic composer, sound designer and installation artist currently living in Melbourne. His work pertains to experiments in perception and mercurial space through immersive composition and spatially conscious, tactile installation.


John Fish

John Fish is a forward thinking creative studio that focuses on telling stories through traditional and new mediums.Founded by Chris Conole, Kristian Laemmle-Ruff and James Hebblethwaite, John Fish has a concept-driven approach to create strong visual narratives for film, imagery and experiential light & installation pieces.

This year John Fish with be presenting 'Light River' at the Wildlands. Inspired by the Murray River and the immersive works of Janet Echelman, this large, suspended light-sculpture is a place to come together. Rivers are a source of life and have a constant flow of energy. Light River brings these elements together into a visually mesmerising piece, offering a place for expression, communication and rejuvenation.



Robin Mutoid

"A mutoid is like a mongoloid, a schizoid, a paranoid. And our method of life is living in a constant state of evolution"

Inspired by the graphics and the aesthetics of 2000 AD comics, the Mutoids have defended since the 80's the ethics of their underground arts collective.
Created in West London in 1984 by Joe Rush, a punk artist and Robin 'Mutoid' Cooke, a hippy mechanic, the Mutoids salvage the waste of the consumers society and use it as raw material for their giant mutant machines and spectacular sculptures which are staged in rock n'roll apocalyptic environments created in squats, warehouses, wastelands and mythical festivals around the world.



Vroomfondle & Magic Thighs

A furniture designer and architecture graduate bring their skills together to reimagine classic geometric structures. Their simple yet striking creations make eyes salivate & beg to be played with.

See more of their magic: @mandrakeworkshop

Mural Artists


Alex Hooves

Alex Hooves is a Melbourne based artist, born and raised in Hobart, Tasmania. Reclusive by nature and creative by necessity. An illustrator, painter, sculpturer and all round creative. His work is influenced by ancient history, childhood memories, nature and the unknown ahead. Effectively capturing our universal experience. With a warped focus on 90s nostalgia and pop culture as experienced through his world and character based incursions though space and time.


Creature Creature

CREATURE CREATURE is an artist duo consisting of Chanel Tang and Ambrose Rehorek. They first met at university and ‘flirted through art’ until they formed an official union in 2011 under one name. Creature Creature was chosen from a quote in the 1960’s film A Bucket of Blood; “A Creature is a Creature…or it is an artist!” Since then, they have been exhibiting throughout Melbourne and interstate and worked with various council and commercial clients on large scale murals, commissions and residencies.

Both with a background in fine art and graphic design, their work is a blend of both these practices with strong historical references, mixed with a love of street art and illustration. Creature Creature play with the idea of duality, balance, east meets west, and the natural world.


Luise Ono

Born in 1989, Luise Ono is from Kanagawa (Hiratsuka), Japan. Using the concept of ‘maturation’ as her theme, her artwork’s lines reflect natures abundant energy such as teeming plant life and the waves. In 2010 Luise launched her career live painting at a music event. Currently, her projects are focused on mural painting for private and commercial spaces. She also draws for digital campaigns and commercials.



Originally from a bush town in North East Victoria, now based in Melbourne. 
The fascination of the Australian nature and its creatures are a huge part of the inspiration behind his art work. Now focusing in the streets gives more and freedom with size and experimentation, you might find yourself being submerged in a natural world among the hustle and bustle.